Welcome to Seläter Camping in Strömstad!

Dear guests
Given the recent development of Covid-19, we want to do what we can to make you feel safe when you visit us at Seläter Camping.
Those who come with your own accommodations in the form of a caravan or camper can completely control your local environment and can feel as safe here as at home. In our service houses we have enforced extra cleaning and disinfecting every handle and toilet at every cleaning occasion.
If you rent a cabin you have your own terrace and a limited area for the next cabin with plenty of fresh air around you. We try as far as possible to leave the cabins empty between the bookings and after each departure all the handles and toilets etc. are disinfected.
We follow government guidelines and recommendations closely and update our procedures accordingly.
What can you do to minimize the risks for you and for others?
- Avoid visiting public areas of the campsite if you have flu-like symptoms.
-Wash your hands carefully and regularly.
-Cough and sneeze in the arm fold.
- Keep a reasonable distance from others

The campsite close to nature for everyone in the family 

Seläter Camping is a calm and quiet family camping located only a few kilometres from Strömstad city centre. The campsite is located in a wind protected area with the woods as its closest neighbour, but still close to sea and an amazing archipelago.  
It is simply an idyll for those who love nature. 

Good Service Selection 

Seläter camping offers living for everyone in the family with fully equipped cabins and nice pitches for caravans and motorhomes. Thanks to the well sorted convenient store, with its own bakery and steaming fresh buns, the camping life becomes relaxing and comfortable. In June of 2019 the campsite opened its own restaurant “Restaurang Ranchen”, where we offer Pan Pizza and a lovely menu with everything you could wish for. 

Active Vacation 

The campsite offers a list of activities for you who likes being active on your vacation. There is a playground with a bouncy pillow, pedal bikes, jumbo chess, miniature golf, bike rental and an arcade. Are you looking to showcasing your swing at the golf course? Then we could recommend Strömstad Golfklubb with its lovely course right next to the campsite. Seläter camping is also an excellent starting point for you who’s looking to hike along the west coast-path and Bohusleden. 

Just a Kilometre from the Sea 

After a 900 metre walk, you reach Seläterbadet with a waterslide, jump tower, beach and a big lovely lawn. Even further north along the coastline you will find Capri bathing site with its attractive beach, lovely cliffs and view to Norway.