Wild & domestic animals, part of the camping life at Seläter

At Seläter camping we welcome your pets.

Liaison applies throughout the campsite year-round. For all of us who love animals, it is sometimes difficult to understand other people's fear or irritation about pets. It is important that we think about and listen to our fellow human beings and their feelings. At camping we live in a crowded place and it is responsive, so it is extra important to show consideration.

There are pouch bags to buy at the reception and several trash cans out in the area.

Fur animals in the cabins are not allowed to stay in beds or sofas.

We have several nice marked trails around the campsite. See activities below.


Section 16 During the period from March 1st to August 20th, dogs shall be kept under supervision to prevent them from running wild in fields where there is game. During the rest of the year, dogs should be kept under supervision to prevent them from pursuing or pursuing game when not used in hunting. The government or the authority designated by the government may issue regulations that deviate from the first paragraph. If it is necessary to protect the game, such regulations may mean that a dog must be kept leashed.

The Act on the supervision of dogs and cats states that dogs from 1 March to 20 August must be kept under such supervision that they are prevented from running loose in fields where there is wildlife. It does not automatically mean that the dog must be leashed, but you need to have such control over your dog that it corresponds to an invisible leash. The law is in place to prevent dogs from disturbing or hunting wild animals during the time of year when they are raising their young.

At the campsite we often see both deer and hare. Occasional forest mice sometimes shows up.

Ants we have several varieties of, and as long as they stay on the outside of the cottage we are happy but if they come in we can ask you to contact the reception and you will receive help. Remember that sugar and food residues attract both wasps, flies and ants.

We do not compensate for "disturbing" animals.