At Seläter we have almost 400 camping pitches, the area is divided in three different areas: A, B and C



This is how you camp at Seläter 

Check in is after 15:00 in the reception and check out before 12:00 at the date of departure.

There is free parking where you are staying, every spot is 10x10m. Respect the fact that there only should be one vehicle per spot. Visitors are directed to the parking outside of the camping site. Our outlets contain 10 ampere. Adapters are available to buy in the reception if needed. The shower costs 5 SEK / 3 minutes, you charge your card at the reception. Balance readers is found in the service house's kitchen. Respect that tranquility and calm should prevail between  23.00 - 07.00. Emptying the tank is available in 4 places. One at each service house and one right by the gate by the reception. 

Service houses 

We have 3 big service houses at your disposal. Ladies and gentlemen's side with toilets and showers, a laundry room with washer and dryer, washroom and kitchen and latrine drain. The shower costs 5 SEK / 3 minutes, you charge your card at the reception. In service house A and C there is also a separate baby care room, in service house B we have care room in the room which is adapted for the disabled. In the kitchen there is seating for 4 people, a stove, a fridge and availability to wash. On the outside of each house we have seating on the patio. 


At the campsite we have several grill places that you are welcome to use. One in front of each service house and three others out in the area. You can grill in the area but only in grills, open fire on the ground is not allowed. At the dump stations there are special barrels for ashes in which the charcoal is to be emptied. 


Seläterbadet is 900 meters from the western part of the campsite and Capri is about 2 km from the us via road for cars. Both Seläter and Capri have parking facilities. 

Our environment  

With us there is the opportunity to relax in a calm and non-stressful environment. You live near oak groves, walking trails and rippling streams. At early dawn, there is a chance to see wildlife such as deer and moose. During summer and autumn, the fields are gilded with berries and mushrooms. The area includes mini golf, mega chess, air chess and playgrounds. 




Whether you have a tent, caravan or camper, the camping life is something that attracts many. Both caravans and tents burn quickly and often it only takes a few minutes before the fire is over. There are therefore rules that the camping owner must follow for the campsite's fire protection. But even you as a camping guest have a responsibility to reduce the risk of fire, both for your own and others' safety. 

Fire protection A fire alarm and a gas alarm give you an early warning. A fire extinguisher and a fire blanket give you a good chance to stop the fire on time, even if it burns at the neighbour. Grill a bit away from the tent or caravan to prevent toxic carbon monoxide from entering. Place the grill on an even and non-combustible surface and keep an eye on it. On our barbecue page there are more barbecue tips. 

LPG is a flammable gas and should therefore be handled with care. If you have gas in the caravan you should also have a gas alarm. Gas equipment must be placed at a sufficient distance from combustible material and the distance should be at least 60 cm. 

Safety distance If tents or caravans stand too close to each other, there is a great risk that a fire will spread to the neighbours. Therefore, it is important that you keep the recommended distances. The distance between caravans and motorhomes should be at least four meters and between tents at least three meters.