Seläter Camping and Sustainability

"Sustainable development is a development that meets today's needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs." This is how sustainability is defined by the World Commission on environment and development in 1987.

Our goal is to always work towards the more sustainable option and reduce the companys negative impact on the environment and human as much as possible. Here are some examples on how we work and think about sustainability on Seläter Camping.



  • During 2019 we bought waste collection vessels and now you cans sort your waste on ceveral places on our campinggrounds. For our seasonal campers we built composts where they can compost waste and grass etc. that recycles to soil.


  • We have a collaboration with Panta Mera where our guest can leave cans and bottles where the money from the ”pant” goes to charity.



  • During the spring of 2020 we have installed solarpanels on 2 of our servicehouses and they help with producing electricity that we can use on our grounds, for example to help with heating our servicehouses.


  • By the reception we have 4 chargingstations for electric cars, these were finished in may of 2020.



  • On Seläter Camping we are actively working to reduce the amount of waste and refine our food instead of throwing it away. One example is that the leftover bread from our bakery become croutons or rusk.


  • To reduce the waterwaste we have decides to charge for hot water in our showers. We are also successively installing motion controlled mixers in all of our servicehouses.



  • We have replaced our paper rolls on our toilets to Tork Smart Ona and because of that our paperwaste is reduced to up to 40%.


  • Our Campingsite is 3,5km wide, which means that we need vehicles to get around. Our cleaningteam uses electric golfcars and we are successively replacing our machinery to electric powered tools as much as possible.



  • We are installing LEDlighting when we are switching luminaires, and we are using lowenergylamps on our grounds. On several places we have sensor controlled lighting to avoid lighting being on when no one is around.


  • Social Sustainability: On Seläter Camping we have nice working conditions, our working place should be including and equitable. We see diversity as a strenght and work towards a equal workplace.




We have cabins equipped with handicap ramps and in our service houses there are showers and toilets adapted for those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities.

The Restaurant: Our coffee is fairtrade and ecologic from Arvid Nordqvist.

We have created our own herbal garden to produce our own spices and herbs, we will successively expand with vegetables.